Areas of Practice

Commercial Real Estate

With extensive experience in commercial real estate, Paparelli Law assists landlords and tenants in a variety of related matters including: disputes, rights, repairs and duties, deposits, and evictions.

Paparelli Law represents clients in all aspects of commercial real estate development, transactions, and litigation.

Legal services include:
• Lease review and drafting.
• Drafting Deeds of Trust, Assignment of Rents, Assignment and Assumptions Agreements.
• Complex financing including assisting with SBA loans.
• Buying and Selling various kinds of commercial real estate.
• Development, Planning and Zoning Matters.
• Closings (Title preparation, survey examination).
• Restructure of Debt.

Business Law

At Paparelli Law, we counsel clients on a variety of general business matters such as choice of entity, expansions, transaction closings, international opportunities, buying or selling assets and when necessary, dissolution.

From large corporations to small private entities and sole proprietorships, Paparelli Law is there at every stage of development.


With extensive experience in the world of franchising, Paparelli Law offers assistance developing a brand new franchise system, preparing and reviewing franchise agreements, preparing franchise disclosure documents, representing clients in franchise disputes.

Paparelli Law assists business owners with every stage of developing a national and/or international franchise including trademarks and copyrights, licensing and distribution, protection of trade secrets, non-compete agreements, master franchise agreements, and expansion of territories.

Banking and Financial Services

Paparelli Law offers assistance in all aspects with the following:
• Secured and Unsecured Loans.
• Commercial banks / Commercial Loan Closings.
• SBA Loan Closings.
• USDA Loan Closings.
• 504 Loan Closings.
• Mortgage Companies.
• Mortgage Bankers.
• Finance & Investment Companies.
• Individuals.

Paparelli Law assists business owners interested in obtaining secured and unsecured loans including:
• Commercial Real Estate Loans.
• Asset Based Loans.
• Equipment Financing.
• Government Guaranteed Loans.

Commercial Law

From buying and selling assets and real estate, to development of commercial projects, Paparelli Law will assist from origination to closing.

Copyright and Trademark Law

With an office in Nashville, the heart of Music City, USA, Paparelli Law can provide assistance registering copyrights, obtaining trademarks, and performing registration and use searches in the USA and internationally.

We aggressively pursue Trademark and Copyright Infringements in state and federal court for our clients.

International Law

With a presence in Nashville TN, Tampa FL, and Paris France, Paparelli Law strives to support, advise, and equip businesses worldwide.